Must Go On


I was listening to music last night before going to sleep, as I do every night. For some reason, I felt like trying to understand the meaning of the lyrics from some of my favorite songs; trying to see if they had any meaning as to why they were my favorites. Most of them… well, I couldn’t figure out a meaning to their lyrics, but there were several that I could clearly see what the lyrics were trying to get across. Out of the many songs I listened to, one particular song made me really have to think. This song starts off with two questions that many people probably don’t have an answer for. Before last night, I hadn’t even wondered about answers for them, let alone ever thought to ask myself them. These are, however, good questions to ask, and good questions to have an answer to. 

“Empty spaces – what are we living for?
Abandoned places – I guess we know the score…
On and on!
Does anybody know what we are looking for?”

These lyrics are from a popular song by Queen,”The Show Must Go On”. This song was written by Brian May during the last few months of Freddie Mercury’s life, and if you really listen to the lyrics, you can begin to see the message of the song.  

I really do think these are hard questions to ask yourself before it is too late. What am I living for? What am I looking for in life? Well, after listening to the lyrics, really trying to understand them, I came up with an answer for myself. I am living my life for God, and no one else. I am looking to have a happy life, filled with countless happy, fun memories; however, my life must honor God.


“My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies,Fairy tales of yesterday, will grow but never die,I can fly, my friends!”


All lyrics (in italics) are from “The Show Must Go On” by Queen.


My Top Twenty: Music

Music has always played its part in my life. I have always loved listening to music, even when I was little. My mom used to put on the  radio for my three siblings and me, and all four of us would do these crazy dances to the music. More than half of the time, we would have absolutely no rhythm, dancing way too fast for the song that would be playing. We didn’t care, we just loved the music, and it made us want to dance. I still listen to music all the time; in the car, while I clean, while I cook, before I go to sleep, and even when I am out working with my horse, music is almost always there. Here are my current top twenty songs, even though they change very often.

Top 20 Songs:

20. Bohemian Rhapsody~ Queen
19. Russia Privjet~ Basshunter
18. I Can Walk on Water~ Basshunter
17. Jukebox Hero~ Foreigner 
16. Starting Something~ Michael Jackson
15. Earth Song~ Michael Jackson
14. They Don’t Care About Us~ Michael Jackson
13. It Will Rain~ Bruno Mars
12. I’m With You~ Avril Lavigne 
11. Smooth Criminal~ Michael Jackson
10. Crazy Girl~ Eli Young Band
9. Love Like Crazy~ Lee Brice
8. Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)~ Gary Allan
7. Too Close~ Alex Clare
6. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye~Luke Bryan (And a few others by him, Jason Aldean, and/or Eric Church)
5. Zombie~ The Cranberries
4. 1983~ Neon Trees
3. Animal~ Neon Trees 
2. Pumped Up Kicks~ MacKenzie Bourg
…….. And my all time favorite song (for now anyway!)………
1. Everybody Talks~ Neon Trees