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Star (now adopted and renamed Roxie), one of the puppies, playing with her tennis ball.

Star playing with her tennis ball.


My Top Twenty: Foods

I am one of those people who loves food. I try not to eat too much, especially of the unhealthy foods,  in effort to stay healthy. However, when  I was little, I used to conduct “food experiments” every day for lunch, trying to find out some new and tasty recipes, like bologna and chocolate syrup sandwiches with some sprinkles on top, or cinnamon scrambled eggs. None of the foods I ever experimented with were tested by any of my family members (wise choice!), and I usually didn’t end up liking the new recipe myself. Food can be my enemy, and recently I have been eating healthier and cutting out most processed foods, and even milk. But, no matter how much food I give up eating, here are my Top Twenty foods I can never resist!

20. Biscuits and gravy
19. Pancakes (especially chocolate chip pancakes!)
18. Fried chicken
17. The buns you get for free at the Texas Roadhouse
16. Lasagna
15. Bacon
16. Stuffed peppers
15. Pizza
14. Burgers
13. Tacos
12. Enchiladas
11. Beef and Broccoli (at a Chinese restaurant)
10. Tater Tots/ French Fries
9. Cookies
8. Brownies
7. Cake
6. Roasted chicken or turkey
5. Grapes
4. Jerky
3. Deer Chops
2. Elk Chops
1. Ice cream!! (especially freshly made)

Cooking for an Enemy

Imagine you had the chance to cook for your enemy, and whatever you cooked for them, they had to eat at least half of what you put on their plate. What would you cook for them? Would it be something so delicious and incredible, that maybe you both wouldn’t think of each other as enemies? Or would you cook them up some nauseating recipe for something hardly edible?

If I had the chance to cook for an enemy (thankfully, I don’t really have an enemy at the moment), I would consider why they were my enemy before I made my decision on what I would cook for them. If it was because of something I had done that made them consider me a foe, I would make them something delectable, in hopes the feud between us would die out. I would figure out their favorite food, cook it for them, and hope for the best. If they still considered me an enemy, oh well… I tried!

On the other hand, If someone was my enemy because they had done something so wrong and so hurtful that it would cause me to have such malevolence towards them, I would probably decide on something different. Depending on how bad what had caused them to be my enemy was, I would think of something distasteful for them to eat. I wouldn’t feed them anything poisonous…No, no, that would be wrong. I would throw a bunch of random things in a bowl (and I mean things that wouldn’t make such a great combo), mix it all up, and serve them a heaping portion (because they have to eat at least half). I would mix things like frog legs, sushi, leftovers from last night’s dinner, yogurt that was about to expire, olives, pea soup, burnt eggs, a can of Spam and vienna sausages, and any other weird food to add to this strange dish. 

Hopefully, I never have to cook for an enemy!


30 Day Photo Challenge of Gratitude: Day 1

For the next 30 days, I will be posting a picture and description of that picture for each daily challenge.

Day 1: Favorite Food I am Thankful For

My favorite food that I am thankful for is ice cream. I absolutely love ice cream, and there are very few flavors I do not like. I love ice cream so much, I even eat it in the winter, and I can’t believe some Dairy Queens would close for the winter! I am thankful for ice cream, and Ice cream cake!!

The delicious Mint Oreo Blizzard ice cream cake (yes, from DQ) I had for my birthday last summer.

Contaminated Cantaloupes….Are They Newsworthy?

Cantaloupes are once again recalled, but this time, it’s not for Listeria. NBC News states 270 people have contracted salmonella from cantaloupes that were grown in Owensville, Indiana at Chamberlain Farms. 1o1 people have been hospitalized due to the outbreak of contaminated melons, and a reported three deaths due to the recalled melons.
Two strains of salmonella have been detected in Chamberlain cantaloupes, and according to JoNel Aleccia, NBC News, “At least 240 people have been infected with salmonella Typhimurium and 30 have been sickened by salmonella Newport.”  Chamberlain Farms have also recalled their watermelons due to another strain of salmonella detected in the melons. To read the NBC report, click here.
In my opinion, this story is definitely newsworthy. Without a story like this, people might not know about the recall, and if they purchased contaminated melons prior to the recall they would unknowingly contract salmonella. What makes a story newsworthy depends on how much of an impact that single story might have on the nation, region, or world.  This story, which has taken a toll on 270 people in the U.S. is definitely something to read. A good idea to help end this breakout, always stay informed about the recalls of specific foods, and if you purchased a recalled food, dispose of it immediately, and do not take any chances on finishing off the unused portion of a recalled product.