While Planting a Garden…

It is a gorgeous day, around the middle of May, and it is time for you to plant your annual garden. You thought your garden was a little small last season, so you decide to make it just a little bigger; that way you are able to plant even more of your favorites! You proceed to extend the garden, but while doing so, you hear your rototiller hit what sounded like a large rock. After turning the rototiller off and moving it out of the way, you head back to the spot where you hit the rock. There is still some dirt in the way, so you grab a small shovel and begin to uncover the rock. After removing several scoops of dirt out of the way, a rush of excitement runs through you as you discover this in no ordinary rock; you just found 15 pounds of gold!

This would be a very lucky thing to have happen. I certainly wouldn’t mind finding gold in my garden! With the value of gold constantly changing, even a small piece could be extremely valuable. Trustablegold.com predicts, ” For the fourth quarter of 2013, analysts surveyed by Bloomberg in November 2012, forecasted a level of  1,925 U.S. Dollars  per ounce of gold.” If you found gold in your garden, what would you do with it?


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