Saving Three Possessions

Nobody wants their house to catch on fire and burn down. This would be devastating, and I hope it never happens to my (or anybody I know) house. If it did and I could only get three possessions out of the house before it was too late, these are the three items I would bring (after making sure my dogs were out of the house! They would be out before I got myself out.)

1. The bin of old pictures in the attic. This might sound crazy to some people, but I would rather have these memories than save a tv or something unimportant. These memories are irreplaceable!

2. My wallet. Although it doesn’t contain much cash, it does contain a bunch of helpful stuff in an emergency situation. I would try to get it out, but it wouldn’t be my top priority.

3. My collection of old journals. These will be fun to read when I’m old… I’ll be able to remember all the fun things I wrote about.



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