If I Could Be Little Again…

If I could be any age again for one week, I would choose to be seven again. When I was younger, my sisters and I always came up with different and creative games to play, and we were always doing something. We were a crazy group of girls, and we were not afraid to do anything; from jumping off the trampoline into a shallow plastic pool (landing on our hands and knees!) to trying to fly down a flight of stairs using a “parachute” made of plastic bags, sheets of computer paper, or even with feathers in hand.

We always had such creative ways of playing, and we would always be willing to try a new game someone would come up with. We rarely watched TV, and we were outside whenever possible. Even in the frigid, snowy winter, we would go outside and pretend we were the last dinosaurs alive. The crazy things we did when we were young! It surprises me to think that none of us ever broke a bone “flying” down the stairs.

If I could be any age agin for just one week, I would go back to when I was seven and my sisters and I would do the wildest, craziest things!


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