Two Foods I Couldn’t Live Without

Two foods I couldn’t possibly live without would probably be ice cream and burgers. These are my two favorite things to eat, and without them, I don’t think I could survive! In my opinion, so many foods out there are so blasé, or they are simply not as delicious and satisfying as a juicy bacon burger or a smooth bowl of ice cream.

If it were possible, I could live on an ice cream diet. I always thought it could never be too cold to eat ice cream, but I have been too cold for ice cream once in my life. It was  a frigid day in March, and I was at a 4-h event that was held outside in the freezing rain and wind.  With no shelter except for a covered (but not indoor) arena, I only had a sweatshirt to stay warm. I eventually took shelter in the tack room of the horse trailer, and the rain didn’t last long so they continued the event. When I came out of the trailer, I saw them giving out free ice cream in such cold weather. To think that they would even attempt to give out ice cream on such a cold day blew my mind!

I don’t think I could live without a good burger and some ice cream every now and then. I simply could not do that!


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