-Fear of the number 13

I thought triskaidekaphobia would be an interesting word for today because of the superstition about this number. Many people believe thirteen is an unlucky number, especially when it happens to be a Friday.  Some buildings and hotels either skip or rename the thirteenth floor; they usually use 12a or ”m”, the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. Another reason why many believe this superstition to be true goes back to the days when people believed in witches. It is said witches met in groups of thirteen on Fridays, and if Friday happened to be the 13th, it was thought to be even more evil and unlucky.

I don’t believe thirteen is an unlucky number, nor do I have triskaidekaphobia, but I have experienced an unlucky day that, coincidentally, happened to be Friday the 13th. That day, three strange accidents happened to three people I knew. Although that was a very strange thing to happen on a Friday the 13th, I disagree with the superstition. Isn’t 13 just a number?


One thought on “Triskaidekaphobia

  1. I’ve heard some compelling arguments that the real reason the number 13 gets such a bad rap goes back to when the switch was made from matriarchal societies to patriarchal: matriarchal societies had a 13 month annual calendar based on the 13 Moon cycle.

    Patriarchal calendars are solar based, with 12 months based on the Sun’s annual journey through the 12 constellations/zodiac signs.

    During the transition, many of the female leaders were brutally murdered and those who survived had to go into hiding; there was such a huge discredit campaign that pretty much any strong female who didn’t acquiesce to the newly established patriarchal value system was labeled a witch, often with violent and deadly consequences.

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