The Best Vacation

     Although I’ve enjoyed every vacation I have ever been on, I would have to say my favorite vacation was back in 2009, when my family and flew out to the Caribbean Island known as the Grand Bahama Island. This was the first and currently the only time I have ever left the United States, but I am hoping someday to make it to Switzerland, Canada, and possibly Ireland.
What made this trip my favorite was the climate and everything the small island town of Freeport had to offer. I went during the rainy season, but in my opinion, the weather was absolutely perfect! The rain was never cold, and the clouds provided enough coverage for the sun to shine, but not be too hot as to where you would burn. It was so much fun racing through the pouring rain in the evenings (that always seemed to be the time it rained) to pick up our order of Chinese food waiting for us in the lobby of the resort! I loved to just stand out in the refreshing island rain.
Most of our reservations for various activities were cancelled due to the weather, but that didn’t matter much to me because the resort we stayed at was located right on its own private beach. The Caribbean water was so incredibly warm for an ocean, and my family and I would spend most of the day swimming in the ocean rather that the resort’s pool. I don’t see how anyone would rather swim in the pool over the ocean! My family and I booked a snorkeling trip, and we (well, maybe not everyone, but I sure did!) had such an amazing time. The water was choppy, but we were still able to sail a mile off shore to snorkel over a beautiful coral reef where hundreds of amazing sea creatures resided. Unfortunately, I left my water camera on the boat, but I would have loved to take pictures of the gorgeous black and white striped fish and all of the magnificently colored creatures living in the reef. In my opinion, we didn’t stay very long (I could have stayed there for hours…) because nearly my entire family was seasick, with the exception of my dad, one of my sisters, and myself!I had an excellent time anyway, but I would have loved to stay in the water longer. Getting back on the boat was a challenge in itself as the rough waters lifted the boat with every wave high above our heads as we waited to attempt the difficult task of climbing back on board. One by one, we made it back aboard the boat, and sailed back to the coast as another storm approached the island. When we neared the dock, we passed a sunken boat and the captain told the story of the owner being arrested and his boat sank while he was imprisoned.
My favorite place to go while in Freeport, was Port Lucaya; a lovely marina and marketplace filled with various shops and restaurants. We went nearly every day, riding the bus to this neat marketplace just to walk the many shops and see what interesting items we could find and foods we could try.

     I would be more than happy to be able to travel to this wonderful island again, and if you ever get the chance to go, I recommend going and visiting the Port Lucaya Marketplace.


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