Fly on the Wall

It was a warm, sunny evening and upon walking through the door of a local ice cream shop, a rush of  frigid air and the sweet smell of freshly made waffle cones greeted me. It is quiet; the large, open room with tall ceilings causes me to really have to listen when someone is talking. It almost is impossible to hear other customers’ conversation unless they are talking loudly. However, the quietness creates a  relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. When the shop is busy, as a customer, it never seems to feel overwhelming. The service is usually very friendly here, and the option of sitting outside in the warm, summer sun while enjoying an ice cream of your choice is extraordinary.

When I entered the ice cream shop a couple of nights ago, it was empty inside (of course, with the exception of one worker). The season is currently coming to a close, and it will be disappointing to me and the fellow ice cream lovers in town when it closes for the season. The slow days are always peaceful, enjoying an ice cream while having a friendly conversation with those who came to the shop with you. The massive windows at the front and on one side of the room enables customers to view the town and citizens walking and driving around while eating their ice cream. This ice cream shop is a fun and admirable place to go with friends or family.


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