A Dog’s Life: The Autobiography of a Stray

One book that I especially enjoyed reading was A Dog’s Life: The Autobiography of a Stray by Ann M. Martin. Although it is classified as children’s chapter book, I thought this was a heartwarming story of what probably would happen to many stray dogs. This book was an interesting tale of a stray dog named Squirrel; it told Squirrel’s life story, where she was born, what happened to her brother and mother, and what types of animals she encountered as a stray. I loved reading this book not only because I adore animals (especially dogs!), but because it had several sad chapters, but in the end, everything turned around for Squirrel and she lived the remainder of her life at a loving home. If you ever get the chance to read this book, I highly recommend it.



1. Calm, peaceful, or tranquil
2. Happy, joyful, or carefree

Halcyon describes today perfectly for me.  Today is such a clam, peaceful day, and despite the overcast of rain clouds this past week, I am enjoying the autumn weather. The cool rain, after a lengthy summer drought, is bringing all the wonderful plants back to life with its healing touch. Today is halcyon, there is not even the slightest breeze in the air.


A Rainy Day Movie

I love to watch movies, especially on rainy days when there is not much else for me to do. I like a variety of movies and movie genres, but among my favorites are action, horror, and comedies. On a rainy day however, I usually don’t have a new movie on hand, so I usually choose to watch one of my favorite movies of all time, The Lord of the Rings.

Any of these three movies are great to watch on a rainy day because they are such awesome movies and they are long enough to keep you entertained for nearly the whole day. These movies are fantastically made, and if I were to rate any of these three movies I would give them each a five-star rating. I never seem to grow tired of these movies, and I able to watch them numerous times.

Lord of the Rings movies would be my first choice movie on a cold, damp, rainy day.


Easily managed or handled.
Readily trained or taught.

Docile is the word I have selected for today because of the inspiration of the two pit bulls that live with me. They both are easy to train, and are by far the smartest and most loyal dogs I have ever met. They are always willing to learn something new, especially if they will earn a reward. These dogs can literally be taught any skill a dog can learn.

Jasper, two weeks shy of a year old